The False You!

Many people live their lives in what we call the ‘false-state’… that is identification with what is not real in them, such as their worries, body issues, anxieties, and perceived problems. Whatever is going on in the mind is not the real you, but the story one manifests in their life as a form of identity.

When you are present you free yourself from enslavement to the mind and enter into the perpetual Mindful state of pure free thinking and stress release.

Some tips to help you:

1: No matter what happens in your life, make a commitment to stay present.

2: Bring a level of acceptance to whatever arises in your day.

3: Recognise the ‘false-state’ in you.

4: See this moment (no matter what shape it takes) as your time to be in charge of your response and reaction, rather than being pulled along.

Reaction is a choice and stress an option.

Thanks, Ian and Annette