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‘WAKE UP NOW’…and end your problems!  The Ultimate Mindfulness Retreat with Experts Ian Fox and Annette Du Bois….

Join Us On The Next Transformational and Inspiring ‘WAKE UP NOW’ 1-Day Retreat On Sunday January 31st 2016

Experience the feeling of profound awareness and pure empowerment…on the totally inspiring and extraordinary ‘WAKE UP NOW’… and end your problems  1-Day Mindfulness Retreat with Ian Fox and Annette Du Bois in the heart of the West Sussex countryside!

This rare and extremely powerful retreat incorporates some of Ian and Annette’s best techniques and tools for awakening to the present moment and discovering inner peace, harmony and deep joy.

This is far more than just another ‘Mindfulness’ activity, but an experience in effective mental release, letting go and loosening the mind-knots that bind you.

Come and get away from it all and spend 1 incredible day of pure Integrated Mindfulness and stay overnight at Alexander House Hotel and Spa…create clarity, stimulate peace of mind, happiness and tranquility… discover the power of Integrated Mindfulness to use INSTANTLY and AT WILL … right in the middle of ordinary, everyday life.

It has been a great couple of days away in a beautiful and luxurious setting. The retreat has given me the opportunity to refresh and hone in on everything I learnt in the 6 week, one-to-one course with Annette. I have particularly enjoyed meeting other people who share an interest in Mindfulness. I am confident this will help me to view the world and see things in a different, more positive way. To be more open and accepting of things which will help me to have a clearer, calmer mind and worry/stress less.
- Juliet Morris
<cite> - Juliet Morris </cite>

You can learn the secrets of the powerful, mysterious Eastern concept of Mindfulness and unlock the secrets to a more happier, calmer and more centred you.

Imagine being able to create clarity, wisdom, insight, happiness, or peace instantly, exactly when you need it. Sitting in a meeting. Standing in your kitchen or being stuck in traffic.

  • 1 Day of Mindfulness with overnight stay at the Luxury Alexander House Hotel and Spa.
  • Includes Bed, Breakfast and Evening Meal.
  • Various Mindfulness Sessions Throughout the Day.
  • Use of Spa (time will be available).
  • Personal Relaxation Time.
  • Fantastic 5 Star Hotel Facilities.
  • Ideal for all ages and levels (including Children and Teens).

Mindfulness Sessions

You will come away with some really helpful, practical and powerful tools you can use in your everyday life to manage, eliminate and transform stress and continually live in the flowing river of inner peace and serenity, no matter what is going on around you.

If that is important to you, then book your place now before they sell out (which is what usually happens).

5 Star Hotel and Spa

Discover the profound benefits of Mindfulness and indulge yourself in the lap of luxury at the same time.


Alexander House is a luxury manor house gloriously positioned in 120 acres of beautiful Sussex countryside, including the award-winning Utopia Spa as well as rooms to make you feel even more special and cared for.

It also benefits from having a captivating history, engaging design and 5 star service.

Up and Coming Dates

Sunday January 31st 2016. Limited places available. Important Note: We are only allocated a small number of rooms by the Hotel and almost at capacity, book your place now to avoid disappointment.

Retreat Fees

£329 per person. Includes all Mindfulness sessions, dinner, bed and breakfast for 1 night, plus use of Spa. Book your place now!

Other Dates?

If you cannot make the above date, please contact us for more details by clicking the yellow notification list button below.

Wonderful! Great trainers, venue and experience. It’ll help me be a calmer person in my personal and professional life. Thank You!
- Touchell Thaddeus
<cite> - Touchell Thaddeus </cite>


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