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The TransforMind Mindfulness studio near Chichester, West Sussex is the perfect place for confidential personal sessions to learn how Mindfulness can help you overcome challenges, problems and personal barriers.

If you’re struggling with negative emotions such as anxiety, varying degrees of depression, mental overwhelm, pressures, stress, sleep problems or the inability to manage daily challenges etc. then we can help you.

Our personal sessions are tailored specifically around the mind based problems you are experiencing, offering effective and workable solutions using our TransforMind Mindfulness approach.

Unlike most other therapies that get you to talk about your “problems”, which often can continue to give them ‘life’ and keep them going. We help you recognise emotional triggers with awareness, which stops you getting drawn too deep into the emotions. This makes it easier for you to learn relevant, practical and proactive solutions to apply in your everyday life, when you really need it.

We teach you how to slow your thoughts, control emotions and bring awareness to your feelings so that you can cope better to manage situations and challenges whenever they arise. If you have a ‘busy brain’, find it hard to switch off or live with a mountain of stress to the point of overwhelm, then take a look at this package that will help you discover new tools and techniques to take back control of your life.

Please note: our studio is fully booked up therefore we are  NOT offering any private sessions. However, have you thought about taking our superb 7-Day online course which is incredibly effective. Please contact us for details>>

Top Benefits
  • Private and Confidential
  • Personal to Your Needs
  • Effective and Fast
  • Times to Suit
  • Find a Package That Meets Your Needs
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