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Is your child’s behavior causing worry and stress? Are you struggling with a child who’s anxious, negative or has low self-esteem? Do your kids worry a lot – even to the point of being withdrawn or preoccupied?

Millions of parents are trying to cope with kids who are struggling with anxiety and worry. But now you can get your kids to change their thoughts, relax, and release the tension in their minds —with The ‘Transformind Kids Mindfulness Program’.

We understand how frustrated and concerned you’re feeling as a parent because we’ve helped hundreds of parents all in the same boat.

Parents of kids with emotional and mind based problems feel unsure of which way to turn and the last thing they want is to turn to drugs unless there is another way.

And often no matter how hard they try… many parents find it difficult to get through to their child.

We’ve worked with hundreds of kids just like this. That’s why the ‘Transformind Kids Mindfulness Program’ speaks directly to your child, helping them process and control destructive thoughts and feelings in their head, so they can better manage their mind and easily understand how to use Mindfulness everyday… starting now!

“Nearly 80,000 children and young people suffer from severe depression and between 1 in every 12 children and young people deliberately self-harm.” YoungMinds Charity

All children have their ups and downs from time to time. But it’s when problems seem to be ongoing and affect other areas of their lives and affect the family equilibrium that’s when action needs to be taken and specific tools used.

From the parents we have helped, TransforMind techniques can change their child’s problems—quickly, dramatically and permanently.

The power of the mind is incredible and a child’s is no different. But at this crucial stage of development without the proper skills to be able to handle situations, problems and challenges, a young person can feel out of control. This can manifest in emotions such as anger, disrespectfulness, mood-swings or crying etc.

But if not quickly dealt with — can lead to more serious issues. Things such as Depression, Eating disorders, OCD and other patterned behaviours coping mechanisms.

Many of which can be easily managed with simple exercises, breathing techniques and positive communication.

‘Transformind Kids Mindfulness Program’ – the simple way for young people to master their thoughts and live happier lives.

‘Transformind Kids Mindfulness Program’ is the purpose-designed Mindfulness system for helping children and teenagers who are anxious, stressed and worried. Through personal sessions with you and your child, we show your child how to take control of their minds, helping you get your child back, with the exact techniques we’ve used to get kids to find balance and happiness once again.

We’ve tested our program on kids of all ages with varying dispositions.

Many with serious behavioural problems. If these techniques can work for them, we strongly believe they can work for you.

It’s likely you’ve heard about the benefits of Mindfulness because it’s regularly featured in the media for its simple and effective results. We’re able to cross the bridge of understanding between it being an effective solution and something kids would find cool to use!

The simple solution without the need for therapy…

Mostly the purpose of traditionalcounselling and therapy focuses on getting a child to talk about their feelings to change their behavior.

But this is much better. It gives the child practical tools and solutions they can use immediately at home, at school or anywhere else to face everyday real–world challenges with ease and simplicity.

TransforMind Mindfulness for Kids Sessions with Annette Du Bois.

Author and Kids Confidence Expert Annette Du Bois connects directly with your child / teen ensuring the coaching sessions are interactive, relevant and provide proactive solutions for them.

The sessions help them process and control destructive thoughts and feelings in their head, so they can better manage their mind and easily understand how to use Mindfulness every day.

How The Sessions Work…

Virtual Coaching sessions are completed via Skype/FaceTime (using device or computer camera or webcam) which is the most effective way for your child as it means they’re more relaxed in familiar surroundings. If you wish to attend sessions at the studio in Selsey, these can be arranged.

An Investment in Their Future…

This is a lasting investment as your child can apply these essential life-living strategies for the challenges and situations they face in the future, whenever they need them.

To find out how TransforMind Mindfulness Kids sessions can help your child or teenager, please visit our page on the CHAMPS Academy website here:

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